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Old McDonald had a farm.

Yes, he was getting old. But he was never too old to learn, he figured.

He still tried to have the best farm in the country. Even though he was getting up in years, he did try new things. He wasn't set in his ways at all.

One day, after finishing all of his early morning chores, he went to the coffee shop and there were several men there that he hadn't met before.

After discussing much trivia, the subject came up about raising cows.

This immediately pricked Old McDonald's interest. He felt he had the best cows around but he was always open for improvement. He was an innovative farmer.

Well, one of the new gentlemen told him that contented cows produced more milk.

Old McDonald thought about that. And throughout the day he continued to think about that.

He thought that maybe his cows weren't as contented as they ought to be. He thought they were contented, but maybe they could be more contented.

So he devised a plan deep within his heart.

And the next day he began implementing it. He began going out every morning, first thing, and telling jokes to his cows so that they would truly be happy and contented.

The cows laughed and laughed! Every day they laughed!

He did this day after day after day. He knew that a merry heart did good like a medicine.

Lo and behold, his cows actually began producing more milk! A lot more milk! It was truly amazing!

Pretty soon, news got around about his cows.

And they became known as the laughing stock of the community.

(Louise Brady)

Bonus Joke:

A farmer was having trouble with Nellie, his old horse. She had an unusually long mane, and birds had begun nesting in it.

Nellie was getting skittish as a result, and the farmer complained about it one day at the general store. "Shucks," commented a friend, "I can tell you how to stop that. Just sprinkle baker's yeast in her mane every night for a week." The farmer did, and sure enough, the birds quit bothering old Nellie.

The following Saturday, the farmer asked his friend why it worked. "Well now, I thought everybody knew that," the old gentleman answered. "Yeast is yeast, and nest is nest, and never the mane shall tweet."

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